Friday, November 21, 2008

Matters of Whimsy

The Whimsy jar phenomenon is hitting swappers hard, but not in the pocket! It's a lovely way to share little bits of stuff you have, without breaking the bank. Just recycle an old jar - they range from a large mason type to as small as a baby food container - pretty it up with ribbon, paper or paint and fill it in all manner of ways.

Whilst I haven't made many, these whipped-up-whimsical-wonder-jars put a smile on our faces even through the coughing! They will go to the Snow Fairy Market which is basically a magical store only for children to find handmade presents for the holidays. I'm sure some eager, creative hands will find them, possibly even Little Gandalf and Donovan Boy!

Make one for a friend with surprises that are just special to them, anything goes as long as it fits into the jar! Or make a keepsakes jar for yourself or your child, to capture objects of a special trip or day out with pointers to a memory. Try mixing some fabric, or charms, magnets, ribbons, buttons, jewelry, trim, treats or even nature finds as every bit you stuff in can be as wonderful whimsy to the right receiver!

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