Friday, September 12, 2008

Shine on Harvest Moon

Soaring full-orbed into the heavens, The Harvest Moon of September materially prolongs the shortening hours of daylight by it's mellow beams and thus assists the farmer to gather or store his produce. The phenomenon of the slight degree rise on the horizon offers one of the most beautiful full moons of the year.

~Autumn days wool painting~

Whilst re-sorting books for the coming season ( I like to have easy access to suitable reading for the wee ones and myself) I think I may have found the longest poem about Autumn...I will not copy it here but if you are interested please share my pleasure at reading Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti this Harvest.

Back to school tie-dye

Ok..... can you tell I'm ready for Autumn?...Cricket refuses to budge until his birthday is said and done ( Sept 25th) and I'm so ready for the equinox and want to decorate our table with acorns and pumpkins, bake bread & and grow winter soup stores!

There are flowers enough in the summertime,
More flowers than I can remember.
But none with the purple, gold, and red
That dyes the flowers of September!
–Mary Howitt (1799–1888)

This poem of course moves me to 'dye' once again with only the colours of the coming season, I do find myself driving 'off route' back roads to check the progress of the few deciduous trees in our neighbourhood. Donovan boy is longing to sweep leaves as a chore..I'll hire him out if you like!
Challah and I were squealing with delight at the richness & range of colours we found while mixing it up in her back yard, now onto the bread....p.s. you can find these silks for sale -and on our nature tables- at the Etsy Phoenix store right now!!!


mamakopp said...

What beautiful colors!!! I love them all!

kat said...

oh those colors are stunning!

~Cheydleur~ said...

Thanks for your comments gals...I'm excited to list them and we'll move onto the indigo palatte pretty soon...

denise said...

oh, beautiful!