Saturday, March 15, 2008

Goodbye Gnome Sweet Knoll

Whilst the busy business of making wet felted "fake wood" bowls with the Crafty Ones for use as centerpieces at an upcoming art auction, a lady from MD snuck up to Phoenix420 at Etsy and promptly bought the mini lovely from Etsy! I was surprisingly excited about the sale, but Little Gandalf was most confused as to why we have to send it off to a complete stranger this morning. We packed it up with a little girl gnome plus a special gifty (wooden toadstool) first prize thing for being my 1st customer this year! Today, I'm too achy, sniffly and grouchy to possibly make anything lovely - but still pretty happy about the sale....Luna Exquistita, Nyx Naze, and another She Fell lagoon coming this space!


kat said...

oh wonderful! congrats sweet friend!!!!!!! yay first sale... drinks on you :-)

EnchantedMusing said...

Yay!!! Congratulations. Your work is always SO beautiful!