Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Colours in the Wind

Let me set the scene a little for you...trundling up Pacific Coast Highway yesterday morning, singing and laughing with Little Gandalf in tow, smiling our anticipation of a day in the woods with our friends. Accompanied by a stack of empty glass jars, one homemade quiche (a must from leftover blown easter eggs) a few plastic bins and some awesome dyes from Winterwood Toys.

We wove our way up and out of the foggy beach into the streaming sunshine of the smiling Topangan hills for two important reasons. First, to explore the pollywog phenomenon in the streams and possibly borrow a few to watch and secondly, to transform many pieces of silk both china and organza, into an array of rainbow colours for imaginative play purposes and fundraising for OCS. Children were in abundance from babe to teen, wanting to get inky in blue hues and orange stripes. Mission accomplished, we ate, drank lemonade and reluctantly returned to the murky depths of Playa cold Rey.
A return trip to gather said tadpoles (rude?) is imminent!

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