Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Goddess of Spring

With my favourite time of year literally budding all around me, the butterflies are showing up again already, my window tree has a lovely smattering of pale green leaves, the sun's warmth comes shining through the wind and clouds. Divine Happy Day!
I will be in my garden earth, planting and breathing!
I love the full moon and this one is so powerful and exciting, full of change and hope and inspiration. As the Hairy One and I celebrate our 11th year wed, we will make many coloured eggs to share with the littlest ones, feed a multitude with Jewish ham and dance and play Superstar on vinyl for Easter! Wearing green symbolises new growth within yourself and Nature, why not! If my eyes were not so tired, I'd post a picture of my green ones for you! Enjoy....

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Celandine said...

We love your felted dolls and are inspired to beg for (my daughter) and create (that would be me) a spring goddess of our own! I have been slowly teaching myself some felting techniques, and it's always fun to see other people's art. Thanks for sharing! Come visit. :)