Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Craft, Art or food?

Who even minds, as long as it's fun right? I'm trying so hard not to churn and just 'produce' stuff for selling. However, the thrill of having other people like your stuff enough to actually buy it, is really quite addictive!

The collaborative effort of the Mama Made crafter guild was quite lovely at the Art is Smart, art auction last week and most successful for the Ocean Charter School! All but a few bowls with fruit were sold to admiring collectors, the actual art on the walls were quite fabulous (as was the vino) and thankfully the Hairy One didn't sign us up for a bidder number, last time that happened we bought a limited print Picasso sketch, but that's another story.....

So, "Still Life with Wood-pecker (great book btw)...is still and may be offered on Etsy or as Batty pointed out at adult stores near you soon or just lost in translation!

1 comment:

kat said...

basically you wrote "still life with penis" (penis)

ah slang is fun.