Monday, April 19, 2010

Got back just in time as flights were cancelled all over Europe started in the UK. I wouldn't be true Brit if I didn't mention the weather at least once, so can I just say how skewed my boys vision must be of England! We didn't see any rain all week, just sunny days with some wind coming from the north, pathetic! We took all our best rain boots too and had no use for them except to whip them off in the security lines at the airport! Fake complaining aside, it was a fabulous week of visits to many family members and old friends, ranging from 6 months old to 101, thank you so much, all of you who travelled to see us and hosted long playdates!!

So it's Back to the grind of making up a Spring circle for the kinders, doing my WISC homework, cooking in my own kitchen and making wooly stuff for a faire - yep I know it's not so bad!

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