Friday, April 23, 2010

Don't forsake, Create!

There's something magical about sharing a creative experience with strangers! This synthesis of energy seems to occur every time I teach a fiber art workshop and it's so lovely to see new friendships being made as well as embracing creative angst when we are struggling through or challenged.

Taking time to make art 'just because' is so important to our bodies and souls. I'm always inspired to make something after teaching and honoured to help guide the process along. Helping a person feel they accomplished something and gained knowledge along the way is quite lovely!

My workshops for this Spring and Summer are continuing through August, the next one is this Sunday April 25th to create Spring Maiden, more details on all the workshops are here...

A watery elemental sprite

A rainbow in the skirts of a birthday doll


Twig and Toadstool said...

Creating beautiful things is what keeps my heart and soul happy and well, not to mention, helps keep my mind in balance! I wish I lived closer...I would love to take a spring maiden making workshop!
In creativity

julietk said...

I would not be happy if I could not create on a daily basis, Lovely spring maiden and the rainbow skirt is wonderful too.