Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Il Pleuvait!

Striking deep into the ground and my skeleton, the wash of the wind and rain made all things clear once more. We ventured out and about to see the waves, the beach in the winter is truly an astounding force to feel and the sunsets of late have been painted by the angels themsleves!

I hope dearest beloved, that you are enjoying this watery interlude, the sunny climes are ne'er far from our western shore!

This weeks missions:
  • make seed bombs
  • tidy the garden
  • sort and donate stuff
  • fix the fridge
  • felt the kandinsky....
  • hit the thrift store with abandon


Angela Mobley said...

felt the Kandinsky? Do tell...sounds intriguing!
Love the beach beautiful! I always imagined myself living near the ocean. Alas, I am, instead, land-bound.

~Phoenix~ said...

Hi Angela,

Yes we are fortunate to live so close to the beach and we certainly do use it! I ma felting Kandinski's concentric circles in texture and depth so I will publish it and show it once it's done, hopefully this year!