Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I drove and a said a prayer of silent commune with all daughters who have either lost their Mothers to cancer, are helping them through treatment or just found out a dark diagnosis.

In the lectures about education and healing I'm taking this week, we have delved deeply into the spirit and have talked much about cancer and how to heal the body. Mind , soul and spirit takes on new meaning today.

One of these daughters (a classmate) lost her Mom today. Another is preparing to return 'home' to care for her ailing Mom. Yet another chose to write a beautiful list of thoughts that made her happy today. So, I was inspired by Belfry to post some of my own here, in the hope you too will try to think up some happy stuff that's just for you, even if today sucked.

I imagine each golden ball can be somebody's happy thought today.

A place where I am happy

A old friend

Here are my happy things today in no particular order:
  • A freshly swept floor - not today but, still made me smile
  • an empty dishwasher - with imagination
  • loud music to sing to in the car - yeah baby!
  • sparkling trees
  • painting them in silence
  • tears of compassion
  • vegetarian fast food drive through - yummy and right opposite Mc D's in Altedena!


kat said...

i love you.

i'm glad my list inspired you to pass it on - your list made me smile.

Amber said...

Haha i love the last happy thing and wish for that too. Maybe there is a business oppurtunity for us...hehe..xx

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing.....

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