Saturday, July 4, 2009

May the Fourth bee with you

I'm all red/white and blued out from our neighbourhood parade today with kids excitedly waving flags, marching ( scouts) and catching some candy for breakfast ,so I thought I'd share this mellow, peaceful and try to catch some Wimbledon coverage (not on NBC those bait and switch rats) of the Williams sisters thrashing it out!

On a recent trip over to the Getty gardens, the buzz was on and lovely to see the bees supping among the flowers!!

My new out for my book later this year of natural savers of the screens large and small!

Purple hazey buzz

Black eyed bee
early autumn daze


Amber said...

Gorgeous pictures and loving the warmth in them...xx

maltagirl said...

oh so pretty. lets go back to the garden soon. I haven't been for years!