Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Le Quiche Cheydleur

I've been neglecting my garden of late and I'm not proud of it...I can only hope that the tomatoes, aubergines and this years' big experiment of melons on a trellis survived my stay in the hills and visits from the Hairy One and fellow green thumbs! I'm sure today's earthquake didn't shake anything loose!

My poor corn stalks have most certainly been eaten by Johnny, Abigail and Elizabeth (Squirralle) so my plans of roasted, creamed and frozen corn will come from the store this year! Here's my favourite quiche recipe that's great for breakfast, lunch or dinner (see table below!)

1 x frozen pie crust or make your own deep dish style with any unbleached grain
3 large eggs
splash of milk ( could be 1/2 cup?)
1/2 small onion coarsely chopped
1 cup of your fav strong cheese
1/2 cup fresh chopped toms from the garden of course!
1 can of creamed corn (for those like me who have none growing now!)
fresh basil, sea salt, ground pepper, garlic powder to taste - I like lots of everything!

Pre-heat oven to 375 0 and prick crust, pop in for 5 mins to avoid soggy bottom
Combine all ingredients in a bowl, quick whip and pour into hot crust!
Bake until middle is firm, about 40-50 mins and serve!

For brekkie add sausage, with baked beans on the side!
Lunch - add broccoli into mix and serve with green salad and my favourite for dinner is add everything you can lay your hands on( potatoes, courgette etc...and serve with a pile of chippies! Ha HA!

Monday, July 28, 2008

6 Degrees

of Little Gandalf...
Six years on and he has reached the grand ol' age of reasoning! Quite adept at playing strategy games ( Risk LOTR, Mastermind and Stratego LOTR) he donned his pirate gear for a hunt and a pirate ship cake sailing on blue jello water!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Scape sickness..

Oh yes, it's all about the playscapes....I'll soon be sick of frollicking in the springs, tree root, stream heaven they pull you into....that's it! I'm out and onto something else for a while!! (maybe)
Gather my strength and get more felted fruit done and due before the end of the month for an NFEST Challenge and a piece you may recall named Still Life with Woodpecker! The Entwife sits patiently for her skirts and the wooly painting started below should be done before I leave the hill here on the 4th/5th...the one eyed baby doll below is for Scissors' beautiful son hopefully sometime before I see her for the Taos Wool Festival...anyone going???

Ouch!...actually the head is too small, so I'll use it for the dollmaking workshop in August and make another...yes, please do measure your diameter before progressing and maybe stop drinking whilst sewing...?
Silver Springs Bridge used to be Gnome Knoll...

Tree root cave with resident seed gnome watches water rushing by...
in process...First layer of wooly painting - prep for a class to be taught in Sept...
Oh, and a cake for the pesky pirates that will insist of having mega birthday parties every year!
laters potaters....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

40, 50 & 9?

No, not really a math puzzle but possibly an equation of interesting numbers and moreover a realisation (with an S, yes! spell checker...) this is my 50th post, a small but notable milestone, in my 40th year that my shining star son Donovan Boy turned 9 today ( bawl!). You see, I went and blinked and life jaunted me to here and now, I'm not sure I was paying enough attention...

Early this morning at exactly 1.06am - I lay awake hearing him breathe, watching him sleep and remembering the first time I did just that. Closely holding him in my arms and staring in wonder. Who was he and how I could possibly be the guardian of one so sweet? A magic nine years and he is strong of will, dreamy, imaginative, sure of himself, sensitive and loving life. Curiosity abounds while he hunts around the garden for leaves, twigs, or another gray hair of mine to pop under his new 'toy' and examine at 400x. His eyes sparkle, happily digging a huge sandcastle, discovering a new slimy friend and many shiny treasures at the beach, ending with an outrageous slice of chocolate fudge cake and a "This is the best birthday ever"!
Yes, it is...every year....

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lucky Charmer...

Mascot, omen, or just lucky ?
This rather huge hopper came by for a little light refreshment ( or possibly just a poop), right in the middle of our work table, he perched majestically for a while, even pretending to ignore the kerfuffle of stabbing hands - to wool, not him silly - With a harumphing hop of madness (creative spelling is ok in my realm, ta!) the Squeal of winkies sent him/her on it's way....
Busy hand shots are some of my favourites from this series of workshops...the second round of fab felters were styling up a storm. Spicy is creating a whirlpool marsh...Soggy adds to her Virginia inspired spring and leechy swampground, and Ski cut her original mat in half ( yes with real SCISSORS, so there!) and the kids jumped right into the mermaid lagoon creations..

Wild One finished her 'Woodland Falls to Beach" vision splendidly...
Hard at work and Koi created a masterpiece 'Fallen log" ready for framing...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Lazy Days of Summer

To some of you, these hilly musings may be more silly fodder for fools...so be it I say! The collection from our lovely neighbours trees and chicky coup was so generous and appreciated by the city kids! The wee boys have landed themselves a small temporary position or two over there for payment in fresh eggs, yippee!

The second of the sunny workshop series for playscapes started today and will complete on Thursday so I'll wait to post the beautious creations at the end of the week. I've become all enamoured with the techniques I'm sharing and found myself pulling apart an older model to further try out my own verbal ideas! The Entwife/Mother-earth/Terra Firma (just trying names) sculpture is waiting graciously for her skirts to arrive from the wonderous, talented and wise Abi of Prairie Fiber, I'm always excited to get a custom batt from her!

This is an updated quick work up, changed from a lonely cave sketch will now will have a new home on a nature table this year....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Workshop Wonders!

Ta DA!! Of course my desert island is still in progress, too busy teaching, the next workshop for playscapes is coming up next week and I'm thrilled to see the beautiful work of the students (some are not pictured yet..)
Divine flowing stream with a mossy cave fit for a gnome king from Z Lo.
Languish in those rolling swirling hills of plenty and dip your feet into the almost thermophilic river...lovely! More to come on this one from Soapy Shazz
Wait.... who's that guy????
Tee Hee, he was one of the musicians from the rollocking TopangaTreeO party we went to with the kids!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Entwife found!

According to a friend on Working with Felt, I think I may have found an Entwife!! This crazy project may take me close to the rest of this year (and possibly a couple of sheep fleeces) to create a OOAK (one of a kind) Terra Firma sculpture! Here goes...