Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Workshop Wonders!

Ta DA!! Of course my desert island is still in progress, too busy teaching, the next workshop for playscapes is coming up next week and I'm thrilled to see the beautiful work of the students (some are not pictured yet..)
Divine flowing stream with a mossy cave fit for a gnome king from Z Lo.
Languish in those rolling swirling hills of plenty and dip your feet into the almost thermophilic river...lovely! More to come on this one from Soapy Shazz
Wait.... who's that guy????
Tee Hee, he was one of the musicians from the rollocking TopangaTreeO party we went to with the kids!

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RunninL8 said...

Hey, I'm loving your workshop pics! Makin a little play scape is one of the many things I've got on my "to-do" list! I'm blown away by your trees!!!
To answer your greenhouse question from an old post, yeah we do greenhouses here in Alaska. And raised beds as well. We have a little greenhouse and we're growing tomatos, basil, and sunflowers in it. Next to the greenhouse we have purple potatos and snap peas in the ground-those do well if the dogs stay out. I never thought about putting a compost pile IN the greenhouse! When the sun shines it gets rippin hot in there! So far we've had 2 days of "Summer" weather here! Not a good growing year so far-everything is stumpy.
Nice arms on that dude!