Monday, August 18, 2008

Hanging around

It's working, the melon trellis is holding so far and they shouldn't get too big but will be ready to eat soon...

Jalapenos are struggling without much love.....

It's was too hot for me to garden much up in Topanga, but I' haven't given up hope yet on my own garden!!

I am working hard to get the TLC factor up in my poor neglected spot of green. I'm planning next season and looking forward to much more lettuce!


RunninL8 said...

Well, I guess I can live vicariously though everyone elses blogs!!! Some many beautiful and wonderful goodies growing everywhere but in my Alaskan neck of the woods!!!! Tiny green tomatoes, no flowers yet on the peas, not even a sunflower. And FROST is peeking around the corner....booohoooo!

I LOVE the waldorf dolls below!! I've made LO 2 dolls so far and it's just so satisfying! And when she loves up on them-it's the greatest thing!
Hey, where do you get your dyes for the silks?

kat said...

lovely melons you've got there.