Sunday, August 24, 2008

Coming Soon to a tree near you..

Donovan Boy found this beauty on a pyjama walk this week already...Why is my favourite season always so sneaky?? Autumn is so mysterious, means colour, flavour, soups, strange looking veggies and possibly Indian Summer!

The third season of the year, and opposite from my birthday season, the descending or autumnal equinox to the winter solstice, is approximately September 21 to December 21. Chaucer first used the word autumn c 1374, which is derived from Latin autumnus/auctumnus. The use of fall to mean autumn in North American English comes from the phrase 'fall of the leaf' and it came into use by 1545 for this time of year when the leaves fall from the trees. Duh! The term autumn is still preferred in British English (and yours truly - grin.)

As autumn approaches, certain influences both inside and outside the plant cause the chlorophylls to be replaced at a slower rate than they are being used. The "masking" effect slowly fades and the other pigments that have been present begin to show. These are called carotenoids and they give the leaves colors of yellow, brown, and orange. The reds, the purples, and their blended combinations come from another group of pigments in the cells called anthocyanins.

Fascinating stuff for ya'll I know....just some geekiness coming through, sorry.

This bread was delicious and I have 5lbs of frozen home made dough just ready and waiting...

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RunninL8 said...

no,no,no...NOT ready for fall.

Yummy bread! Light and soft on the inside, yes?