Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What's on yours?

So with my Dad is cycling through France and Spain on his way to Lisbon, Portugal with a couple of his crazy buddies - not for charity, just because...I'm very impressed with his ability at 60 to still amaze me with his penchant for the ridiculous and am envious that he has the time now to do this crazy stuff.

It started me thinking about my Bucket List ( no reviews here) and what's on yours?
My list is hefty, long and not necessarily in order, so I may break it up over the course of the year...Some things I can tick off as I am my fathers daughter!

1. Visit as many countries as years you have lived - well that's getting harder and harder but I'm close!
2. Straddle the international dateline - yep done that!
3. Fill up my passport...mmm maybe if I get a short one....
4. Read the classics - all of them! Am working on this right now thanks to the no-namers...!
5. See the changing of the guard. Can't believe I haven't done this, I lived in London for years!
6. Go to the Olympic Games - may combine with the above...
7. Do a wine and artist tour of Italy - on the short list, where's the honeymoon, honey?
8. See a movie premiere - I live in La La land, what's the problem here?
9. Enjoy New York at Christmastime - tick!
10. Have an out of body experience - tick...I think!

More to come in the Summer....would love to know yours too...???

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