Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The Winter Solstice is here at last, did you get to see the lunar eclipse early this morning? The rain is still pelting down here in soggy California, with those that live in the hills on 'storm watch' for flooding and possible mud slides, which can be quite devastating.

Something about the holiday season brings either the best or worst out in people I've noticed. So when I'm out an about doing errands in the nasty weather, I'll try and smile, wave and be gracious in traffic, because we all deserve a little kindness in times of stress, right? Pass it on! I still live in hope that these little offerings will come back around!

Some magical new items to match the Winter line up of starry constellations, will be up in my online shop tonight, please stop by there to check them out. Great for 12th night gifts ( January 6th).

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