Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy T Day!

many mini playscapes, will adorn the booth at this years
Winter Faire December 11th at OCS

Pops flies in each for the said bird each year for alas, old Blighty has no such excuse for early Turkey before Christmas and more than often it's a Goose!

Here in the U.S. of course, it's a great traditional get together of gratitude, fellowship and thanks. One of my favourite holidays actually. We have time off work to travel, share some cozy nesting time with family and friends, get our warm clothes out and on and play some games! Unfortunately it's also becoming an insane consumerism frenzied spend a thon.

I don't think I preach out here very much, but this seemed important enough to share a thought for how we choose to act during the holiday season.

This letter was sent to me today......

Each Thanksgiving, I think of Marie Tellismond. Two years ago on Black Friday, Marie lost her 34 year-old son, Jdimytai Damour. Jimmy-as his friends called him-was trampled to death while trying to protect a pregnant woman from a stampede of bargain shoppers at a New York Walmart.

Now, I've never met Marie Tellismond, but as a fellow mother, I am pretty sure she would give anything to have a day with her son again. Losing, or even coming close to losing someone we love, makes us get our priorities straight really, really fast.

Most of us have a choice this Friday that Marie no longer has. We can chose to leave the warmth of our beds before dawn, to sit in our cars in a parking lot at some mall and to spend the day searching for low prices on products which we don't really need and often don't event want, but getting them is all part of the Black Friday Frenzy. Or we have a choice to stay put with loved ones, to play board games and eat leftovers and maybe even play a game of football together.

If we're going to figure out how to build an economy and society that is healthy for people and the planet, this Friday is a good place to start. Let's opt out of the frenzy this year.

Please help me spread the word this Thanksgiving week.

With Gratitude,
Story of Stuff.
Suess-ical tree in La Jolla....truly though, he lived here!

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krex said...

Love the playscapes, tree roots and Suess...all some of my favorite things !