Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jumping Jupiter!

Taken from the Farmers Almanac this month....
The giant Jupiter is closer than ever. Not since 1963 has Jupiter been so close, so bright, so easily seen—a result of its slow, oval orbit around the Sun that will take nearly 12 Earth years!
With two planets Uranus and Jupiter coming to opposition both on the 21st, they stand side by side this Equinox!

Finding Jupiter should be easy. Look halfway up the southern sky for the night’s brightest star. This is Jupiter and at it's best at midnight!

our very own Jupiter, who is in fact a great jumper, but likes to do this more...

Upon a shiny planet I wished for ....

dreamless sleep
space to think
starry nights
exotic travel

You can find the instructions and kit for these pumpkins right HERE!
However much one tries to rationalize it, the overwhelming sense of life fills the air after the spirited energy of the children from this years' Summer camp has long gone and Autumn is knocking at the window. I had the pleasure of sharing some thoughts with some Moms, at his years California Home-school Expo, thank you to those who attended the 'Zen and the Art of Handwork in the Home' session and the follow up felting class. I enjoyed meeting all those who attended and hope to be back again next year with more to share.

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