Sunday, June 6, 2010

'Making' part Ⅲ

Private Sphere
by Stephanie Metz
featured by permission

Hand made is a concept that seems to imbue quaint or folksy feelings in some people. It eats up time which of course is either a joy or mostly inconvenient, uses muscles you never thought you needed or had and may not turn out the way you had desired upon starting a project...however, it is a natural internal knowledge that this hand art is nourishing the soul, feeding my spirit and healing all sorts of wounds that I never knew I had.

I 'make' things in my sleep, going through the paces, processing an idea or forming a picture in my head before choosing to start something. Sometimes the work is complete in the dream world and it may never have tactile form. Other ideas are worked on and through for many months ( maybe years) before they are ready to be brought into being and where I'm ready to start the physical journey with an art project.

Terra Firma was started two years ago and stands today incomplete and a useless waste of space in my tiny woolly retreat until I had that ah-ha! moment. There was something lacking and I think now SHE will share half with HE and be true to the numerous first man and woman ancient mythology stories. We shall see shan't we!? I suspect some amusing surprises that may take hold when I get to work on her this summer!

This contemporary fiber artist was so gracious when I contacted her about ya'll enjoying her she has popped up a couple of times now and I thought it about time to feature her here as another fabulous artist who is pushing the form of felt to it's edge!! Way to go Stephanie! Enjoy her site HERE!
Meditation by Stephanie Metz

In other news....

new rescue kittens came to stay and play this month..
Donovan Boy named the orange one Jupiter and Ray of Light
's moniker care of Little Gandalf
hope they don't wreak my wool boxes!

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martine said...

thanks for the link, Stephanie's work is just astounding, I've changed my thinking about needlefelt utterly.
thanks for sharing