Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gathering, not hunting

fuzzy logic....well I couldn't very well leave the basket there could I?

I'm all of a dither while I pack for the wet and woolly Oregon, to experience the Black Sheep Gathering wool festival. Relaxing for me, is nothing to do but explore new territory, in the company of fellow fiber gal nerds; learn some new skills, meet some cool artisans and take couple of classes from the one and only Ayala Taipai, the elven lady who is my first inspiration to the art form of needle felting over 5 years ago!

Ayala, the original wild woolly woman!

Upon my return last evening from a week long conference, I remembered that I had also spent 3 blissful days with friends making stuff and visiting sheep and never actually pressed the 'post' button, so it appears to me in a fuzzy memory when I see the beautiful wool, mohair and dyed felt, I can sigh happily and wonder when I may make something of it!

insert smiley face here

Moveable feast

the most dangerous place for visiting fiber fanatics...

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