Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hath 31, phew!

With the wind blowing, 20ft waves just a few days ago and a low of oh, maybe 58 F ( tee hee) we've really hit winter here in La La Land! So to help the seasonal mood, we use a little (a lot) of imagination! With Donovan Boy and Little Gandalf rolling their eyes, in the most good-natured way of course - I am constantly and quite excitedly pointing out that there is snow on those far off mountains! The fastest Queen Winter for school and a rather gentlemanly King Winter for a fellow teacher as a 12th night pressie came to visit to help things along!

Frosty King comes a knocking at Seeds of Joy!

Just had to share a quick pic of some lovely damp bark, recently 'collected' at Wilderness Park!

Rivers of bark - the first in a new collection!
Shall I make this into a felted illustration of the wonderful Norse legends of old?? Seems excessive but still it may be fun!

For those who don't celebrate 12th night , please do see last years' post about Wassail for all the deets!

New Moon tonight, the Jasmine is particulary strong at night and during a waxing moon...hmmm!
some unfinished Goldsworthyesque art left lying around in the forest.


Teaching Handwork said...

I would love to see this 4th grade picture up close. What the words are....actually it would be a great black board drawing

~Phoenix~ said...

I'll try and get a better pic of it and yes I'm looking forward to using it as a blackboard drawing when I teach 4th grade!! Thanks!