Sunday, November 1, 2009

Switch Witch?

October certainly disappeared in a flurry of flu, chicken soup/probiotics and finally a sea of candy to boot! Luckily the Switch Witch came to save us from mounds of sugar and left in it's place a toy and a book for Donovan Boy and Little Gandalf! Did she get to you too, were you willing to give up your stash of goodies for something less edible?

I do hope everyone had a lovely month of splendid Autumn weather and festivities!

This little picture is something finished today that will be for sale on both Etsy and at the annual Winter Faire on Dec 12th, here will be lots more of goodies to see and buy from various artisans including The Dragonfly Artisans too! More on that later!

Needle felted Autumn Wool painting

Goulish glow in the dark skeleton readies for an evening of candy collecting..

I'm so sad, we lost the seeds to mold because I was too tired to roast them right away!
Lady Autumn was blown in on the blustery winds to deliver a whispered secret and gift from the forest, of acorn gnomies to the kinder kids. Will she turn up again soon elsewhere I wonder?

What a lovely pumpkin patch of work from the 2nd grade kids!!!


julietk said...

Your beautiful felted picture caught my eye on the dashboard :-) well done to the kiddies too.

Josephine said...

Hi Your items are truly wonderful! I am a handwork teacher and I would love to know how you made the gnomes. My 1 and 2 nd grader would love to make them. Thanks Josephine

~Phoenix~ said...

The gnomes were from a pattern by Carle, a fabulous homeschooler and fellow fiber fanatic. Here is her pattern listed on an earlier blog post from September last year!