Saturday, May 17, 2008

Glorious Dollies

Moving tiredly on...I happen to have a few pics to share of some dollies. Some that were just today 'selling like hotcakes' at the OCS silent auction, (boy does that school need some dosh deposits for the upcoming year of budget cuts). Donovan Boy owns the top sapphire-eyed hipster and Little Gandalf's beach bum lives in our car! I will post an actual tutorial on Waldorf dollmaking once my Summer workshop sessions start in July!
The knitted dolls were from patterns from our friends at Weirdolls, very easy and lovely to make! Thanks Susan.

I'm pleased to say I won the battle of the kimono, a great moment for me since I'm no great seamstress - see Batty Belfry for that honour and yes I'm english....

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