Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Felty Fabulous!

Real person weekend!
The Hairy One and I, attended a very lively, hip, groovy party, complete with tons of live folky, trippy music, vintage togs, long hair and tashes. Some oldies (us) and tons of younger peeps hung out on the lawn while our kids were jamming in the studio, showing off newly practiced rockin' tunes! Donovan Boy garnered help from a pretty blonde gal with seconds of food and Little Gandalf jumped his way to heaven in the Mystery Mobile until the fuse blew and all walls were sinking fast. So with a spot of gardening thrown in today and a gnarly tree - not finished yet and a bad pic to boot- it all FELT fab!! Happy Memorial Day!


maltagirl said...

will you please do a tree making workshop!!!!!! i really would love to get into it with you!

fontainefleurie said...

did you really made this - I think it is gorgeous. I'm a member of working with felt - meet you there, Dorie van Dijk

~Cheydleur~ said...

Yes Dorie. I love your work!!! See you on Working with Felt!