Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rain Reigns!

What a perfect excuse to hole up in your cave, hunker down and turn up the heat! I love winter in La La Land! Perfectly angry skies can make way within minutes to exquisite rays of sun streaming through to create double rainbows. The soggy bog of wetlands are awash with activity and the burst of bellowing cloud formations are joyful to meditate on.

All that said, here I am, armed with a crazy sharp needle and felting like a mad woman. Upon the eve of finally deciding to go ahead and illustrate a children's book with a friend and my new found art form, I find myself making my own version of Kandinsky's, "Concentric Circles" just to see if I can. Funny to imagine it with depth, colour, movement and wool, but quite satisfying and hopefully a success! A dark and woolly "Starry Night" may follow just to be sure of technique.....
The Winter Queen is coming along and should be dressed to parade for the Kinders on Monday. The wellies are wet, garden veggies happy and the fine art brolly is winging it's way to me as I write. Enjoy the rain while it lasts, you may long for it when it is past and forgotten.


kat said...

illustrate a book?!? how exciting!

~Phaedra~ said...

Yes, pretty daunting but I'm looking forward to the challenge! The aim is to have a first draft finished and photographed by April.