Saturday, December 29, 2007

Peace out of mind

Just back from wet and snowy New York and already trying out a new lazy me...haven't unpacked or cleaned anything, just catching up with friends and making no real plans for New Years Eve with exception to one great shiny dropping ball!
Traditionally, this time of year is one for making resolutions, having high hopes for the future and taking the opportunity to try and extinguish the bad deeds, thoughts and people from the previous year...what's on your list I wonder?

  • New Job? - hopefully not, I like being Mum, wifey and friend. "Could do better ", Rings in my ears, sometimes school's never out..
  • New friends? - I could use a extraordinary friend who has a private jet and a place in New York City to share sometimes..anybody up for that job? Maybe that will be me...tee hee.
  • New House? - One can only dream at this point. The kids are longing for a 'road house' i.e. one that is located on a road, instead of our tree house condo and I would gladly create an actual play-house in a tree in a new eco-friendly and greening abode ..we will see what 'O8 has in store..
  • New Car? - Well, VW didn't come out with a new groovy bus and there's no green wagon on the market, so that's a no thanks yet!
  • What to do differently in 08? - Dance more, laugh more, create more art, help more people and have a calmer mind set.
  • What not to change in 08? - Husband, kids, friends, hair.
  • Resolutions? - None that I'll be able to keep!
  • Trips and Travel? Hopefully! Chicago, Ohio and NY in the Spring, California coast and Caribbean in the Summer!
  • Weddings? Hopefully a friend who isn't yet or mine after 11 years!
  • Major Calender Thing? My 40th birthday, yikes!
  • Can't wait for? A cure for cancer.
  • World View different? Ah yes. Though not entirely without previous thoughts along those lines.
  • View yourself differently? A little, realizing the changing with age and hopefully for the better.
  • Surprise of 07? Rubiks cube comeback and seeing Van Halen!
  • Dress differently? Probably not. I like my funky styles.
  • Start or quit something bad for you? Constantly trying to do both!
  • Charity work? - Planning much more than usual.
  • Nicer to Populus? - Yes definitely.
  • Moving? - Probably not, but one may dream about building a home somewhere.
  • Who to kiss at midnight? - Hairy Cricket Man
  • One wish for 08? - A happily resolved writers strike so we can get back to our canned lives...

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