Monday, December 31, 2007

All about Art

With last Summer's creation of 'Waterfell', the want to share the art of painting and sculpting in wool and mixing mediums is so great, it led me here! Little Gandalf asked/inspired me to create this piece for his imaginary world and now I'm working on a series of Elementals, one of which is almost finished and a second is formed on paper. The Autumn fires in Los Angeles that sprung up near friends' homes and the hills drove fire inspired gnomes to cave dwellings with contained heat!
Felting with wool is one of those ancient art forms that requires more imagination than actual skills methinks. I'm sure those with a degree in fabric design or textile art would strongly disagree. To be sure, the forms are difficult to master but to each of the newbie felters who come to the weekly crafting circle, I'm glad I can convey with confidence that they will leave with a finished piece to share. Many toadstools and pumpkins have been grown in that yellow house and many more gnomes, fairies and various characters from stories will continue to be created among the happy few who love to poke, tease, stab and rub wool!
I hope you may enjoy it while I continue to share new pieces and ideas here at Something out of Nothing.

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Holly Adams said...

Phaedra Darling....This is a BEAUTIFUL piece of work/art! It all is. Amazing stuff, really.

My thoughts are with you often and will look forward to sharing some time again with you and the boys...all of them...soon.

Love, love, love,

Holly (and Romeo!)