Friday, July 25, 2014

Euro or bust....

A whirlwind of summer hit hard and fast after Donovan Boy's graduation from 8th grade... Flying out to europe to visit family in the UK, friends and new places in northern Italy and just playing around in Paris, we were fortunate to have such lovely weather, great food and company to go with our very sore feet and legs each day!

Donovan boy age 15!!

The Cutty Sark in Greenwich, London in full glory!!

A wonderful bike ride out to Monet's House and Gardens...truly inspiring!

Great place to soak sore feet in Paris at the end of the day....

The quaintest village in Piemont, I think we were the only guests....
Upon our return, work and jetlag hit at the same time, so only now a couple of weeks after getting back are we finding a more relaxed rhythm. We have the good fortune to have our nephew from New York visit us for a week and the boys really had fun with him also!

Whilst I'm hankering for another get away in a tent somewhere, it seems that high school may start in the middle of August and so we may have to wait until later now.... we have yet to completely find the perfect high school in La La Land, but have faith that the right opportunity will present itself soon.

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