Monday, July 22, 2013

And another one gone...

Archetype Mother's Mantle
 So another one bites the dust...a year that is, since the last time Donovan Boy and I snuggled up on the eve of his birthday to hear yet another telling (14) of the story of his arrival! Not really the same ethereal story we tell in the Waldorf kinder/nursery, but more a re-telling of wonderment, surprise and memories of before during and after his birth. It's amazing how many times I tell it, it's never dull or even the same parts that are highlighted, so maybe over the years, he will get a fuller picture from the snippets mustered and magically the story becomes a living reality!

I am now just writing the birthday story I will use in this years' Daisy nursery and I can picture the children's faces as we weave the wistful pictures of guardian angels, heavenly children visiting the Sun, moon and planets whilst waiting to find their perfect Mama's and Papa's on earth. Believe it or no, it doesn't matter, because they know the truth of it and the story speaks to their hearts in love and comfort - who can argue with that philosophy?
Crazy Cupcake Cake blazing for 14th
So many birthdays to celebrate and first to note is Montgomery Felix ( not a code name!) my dear little nephew so far away and still with some hurdles to overcome, but I'm sure his journey will be filled with love, hope, comfort and many joys - can't wait to hold you Monty!!

Secondly and just as important are the birthdays of elders. Let's not forget the fact that they too will enjoy the fruits of your labours if given the chance ( spending time with grand kids/parents). Dear AnnieMac will be having her umpteenth this weekend, and yes - we will eat cake on her behalf!

Lastly, Little Gandalf will get his own post about the upcoming beach bash to bring him into elevenses fully and yet another birthday story is forming....

A surprise addition to our Summer nature table....truly interactive!
late notice: Happy Birthday Royal Boy Baby, we are betting on James Philip being some names to choose from..... update* so I guess we lost the bet!!!

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