Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's been Grand..

Well, it's been so long since I posted, even blogger has changed it's format!  The first part of the year has been a whirlwind of sometimes frustrating, 'up-in-the-air-ness' no matter what the area of life. For someone, who could not inaccurately, be called a control freak, this was quite a challenge for me to - let go....but through perseverance, some meditation and lots of dark chocolate, I feel the lightness once again and a new path has become clear.

Wet Felted Tapestry with story pockets......made with Suzanne Down ;-)
 Our family undertook quite a collective journey when I entered the Waldorf teacher training program three years ago and now with graduation looming this May, we carefully looked to several options for next year in my teaching career. Cut long arduous story short, I was offered a position at The Waldorf School of San Diego as their newest first grade teacher! Woo Hoo! Here's the odd thing though, we had been looking to move there a few years ago and it was just not lining up, so this is a welcome move be it the harder physical one.
View from Eagle Point
 To celebrate a few months of very hard work and exhaustion, The Hairy One and I decided a 3 day music festival, which happened to fall upon my birthday and close to our 15th year anniversary was just the now back from Coachella, which was full of great sets from bands I either loved/didn't know but liked very much/still don't know the name but loved. Being among crowds of very peaceful music loving people warmed the cockles and let me forget the super-grown-up-stuff for a minute.

That coupled with a great trip to the Grand Canyon for Spring Break, really has me ready to start making lists....more to come...and a couple of workshops coming up soon too..
Quite Happy in dusty solitude

Little Gandalf trying out Native American shelter

Guano Point - Grand Canyon West 2012
 Donovan Boy is excited to have his own room and the possibility of new friends and freedom, Little Gandalf is less enamoured about leaving his "whole life" behind, but he's not really wrong, only a two hour jaunt away. I am very excited to meet my new set of parents and I am contemplating writing my first story for the children already!
Cabins on the rim, cowboy style!

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