Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Rounds

As I move through July in a maze of birthdays, gray skies and limited time to ponder the world or relax, I wonder about the shape of things to come, how they morph and how I may meet them in the future.

Donovan Boy reached the grand age of 11 today. Last eve, we retold his beautiful birth story, I stayed up until 1.06am, fave foods of spaghetti and choc pudding pie were on the menu, a big day out with friends, where we were freaked out by some ancient mummies from around the world and all culminated in a final bloody battle of a 3 day old God Storm Risk!!

Today is about loving ...
my silver hair
my mothers voice far away, singing
family - and friends are that too
an answer to a question....please.

Ya know, Thursday's are the worst ( unofficial) traffic days, have you noticed too?

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