Friday, February 12, 2010

Locks of Lunacy!

Well, this was quite a week....I've chopped it all off, my hair that is and it feels great if not a little colder on the back of my neck! Donated 1o inches to Locks of Love and was paid in hidden and magical silver hair, how did they suddenly appear I humbly ask? The last time the tresses were tossed was nearly 17 years ago, upon my flight from Blightly and a life most horrid for an impetuous soul as mine. I will share more later, but can say that change is mostly good, exciting and freeing. Doors (if not windows) should be opened, walked through and maybe even peeked into to see what may be in store for you.
off with her hair!
The 'Little Ones' have been arriving in droves at Seeds of Joy, choosing their children to take care of them and begging Mother Earth to sew their new clothes so they can attend school with the children. Um, when is my little one coming dear Mother Terra?

Annabel ( Little One) flying on wings of love...

Baking bread calms me and so......

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Pam de Groot said...

Go you!! Wow that looks like it may have taken a while to grow. A beautiful gift.