Saturday, March 7, 2009


Won't you allow me to indulge for a moment?...The Hairy One sent a posting for a local mixed media art show about a month ago, I sent in some pics, asking if my sort of fluffy stuff was even considered for this type of show, and here I am thanks to Mavis Leahy (or a terrible mistake) invited to join the fabled artists ( for a night) at 10 Women TODAY!! If you want to show up and check out all the lovely work and maybe check to see if I embarrass myself, please come along and join in the fun and have some vino and cake? ( see poster above).
The flyers are done, art is framed, website is still not up..(yep there's another darn link coming)...... and I'm all inspired to make another piece tonight!

toodle oo

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bhán said...

Be sure to put this up on the DA site!