Thursday, February 7, 2008

Rainbow Skye

This new 'Skye' Doll reminds me of the Rainbow Bridge story from the Waldorf school of thought. On each child's birthday, the child's story of crossing the rainbow bridge at birth is told. Each story is unique to that child.

"The story is shared in kindergarten and follows the life of the child up to then, beginning in the heavens and waiting for their turn to begin a journey on earth. Each story is different and unique as it contains much thought, reflection, and the family’s intention. The story speaks of a spiritual being, or a “little angel” who finds their way to earth by choosing earthly parents and receiving gifts from the heavens before crossing over the rainbow bridge to join humanity. It then gives expression to the child, the child’s family and their life. The ending includes mention of the child’s present birthday." So if you are having a birthday soon or have had one recently, I wish you many happy returns to this special day!

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maltagirl said...

ohhhh phaedra I found you at last!!! beautiful work as always.

see you tuesday