Thursday, May 15, 2014

What's your favourite??

This is an age old game to play with yourself or others and perfect for getting to know someone, far better than ticking 'likes' on FB - I played this on my first real date with my now husband, of 17th years - yes the Hairy One - and we still argue about how well we THINK we know each other!

 The uniqueness of each of us, yea all 7 billion or thereabouts, can be cross referenced, shuffled and coerced into useless forms of information, but maybe this is just for the fun of it...those who know me are probably not surprised, those who thought they knew me may be disapponted or even possibly disgusted, one can only hope to entertain the notion that anybody may be reading this and therefore how accurate is it really?
 Feel free to play yourself, cut and paste even on FB if you really want it to used in some marketing to yourself..

So here goes...

  1. Sweeties? Uk rubbish like Refreshers, lemon bon bons and fortnum's marshmellow
  2. or choc?   love good dark choc with caramel!
  3. Can't help but dance? Radiohead
  4. Rock out?    Led Zep!   
  5. Fav current band?   The Black Keys
  6. Fav old band?  The Charlatans
  7. Colour - top three in order?  Green, Purple and Black
  8. Last meal on earth would be? Indian all the way
  9. Summer time drink? Oh dearie, G & T with a twist of lime!
  10. Winter time drink? - Has to be Wassail or warmed port!
  11. Everyday drink? - Water and grapefuit juice
  12. Friends since?  Top Marks known since 5!1973!
  13. Best country visited? Indonesia for sure!
  14. Awesome food store? Fortnums for special stuff or Sprouts everyday
  15. Great clothes? Bryn Walker and Anthropologie
  16. Funniest movie? Bridesmaids
  17. Saddest movie?  Schindlers List
  18. All time movie? The Princess Bride
  19. Best TV show? Star Trek
  20. Smells like? Indian Rose oil
  21. Great Poetry by?  William Wordsworth and POE
  22. Book that changed your life? The Stars My Destination
  23. Great day out would be? Korean spa and sleeping under a tree
yep just 23.....another game you can play all day.