Thursday, August 23, 2012

Among Giants

As the summer started to swelter, August found us heading for the hills, (mountains really) and certainly being unplugged for a number of days was a breathe of fresh air!  Unreachable by anything other than walking feet, smoke signals or other clever wilderness device (or passing car indeed!), we joyously camped among the giants - Sequoias that is.

Cooking only by fire, gathering locally felled dry wood and timber, handmade fire starters (recipe below) and home-prepped pouches of fare warmed our bellies by night. The Hairy One, Donovan Boy and Little Gandalf spent late afternoons reading, whittling, wading and watching, whilst I napped, sketched and stretched my thoughts to the fading light.
spotted snacking on pine

Super hikes to the deepest depths of crystal caves, the highest highs of Moro Rock brought us to the sharpness of our senses. Our catching breathe only to spot eight bears in one day!! Some were a close encounter of the very hairy and hungry kind, but none ventured into camp thankfully! Maybe my crazy new evening head-wear scared them off?
Stunning crystal cave
Vista from Moro Rock peak

Nonetheless, the family hugged (as a group) super giant trees, whether they be reaching the skies, felled by winds or age or even deeply scarred by elements long since gone, they all gained our deep respect and wonder.
Trying to span for a hug....
The underside of the Buttress

Failsafe Firestarter!
cardboard egg cartons, dryer lint, cotton wool balls, paraffin wax or old candle wax, newspaper.

  1. melt wax slowly in double boiler - an old sauce can (wax inside) placed in a pan of water
  2. stuff cotton wool balls and dryer lint into each empty egg hole 
  3. place onto several sheets of newspaper to catch drips or seepage
  4. pour wax over each hole until it's at the top and the dry stuff is wet!
  5. let it cool, close lid, keep dry and away from fire until needed. 
  6. Just tear off a couple and place under kindling to get your fire going quickly!