Friday, July 22, 2011


Upon reaching the grand and magical age of 12, dear Donovan Boy shared his birthday with kindness, wisdom and an astounding amount of composure and maturity! We had a huge discussion about the number 12 and it's impact across the ages in so many areas, here are some gathered points to think about and there are of course so many more... please feel free to add!!
A birthday list for my geeky family....
  1. The average human has twelve cranial nerves
  2. Force 12 corresponds to the maximum wind speed of a hurricane.
  3. The 12th moon of Jupiter is Lysithea
  4. The chief Norse god,Odin, had 12 sons
  5. King Arthur Legends are full of 12's! Round table knights, Arthur is said to have subdued 12 rebel princes and to have won 12 great battles against Saxon invaders.
  6. twelve apostles
  7. 12 days of Christmas
  8. 12 Petals in Anahata (Heart Chakra).
  9. The basic units of time (60 seconds, 60 minutes, 24 hours) can all perfectly divide by twelve
  10. Western zodiac has twelve signs
  11. twelve months
  12. 12 dozen = gross
  13. In ten pin bowling, 12 is the number of strikes needed for a perfect game.
  14. The number of keys in any standard digital telephone (1 through 9, 0, * and #)
  15. Epic poems The Aeneid by Virgil is divided into two halves composed of twelve books.
  16. Another epic poem, Paradise Lost by John Milton is divided into twelve books
  17. The twelfth is the interval of an octave and a fifth.
  18. 12 is the number of studio albums the band The Beatles released.
  19. In English, twelve is the number of greatest magnitude that has just one syllable.
  20. twelve pairs of ribs ( usually)
  21. Twelve people have walked on the Moon.
  22. The USA is divided into twelve Federal Reserve Districts
  23. 12 inches in a foot
  24. 12 face cards in a card deck.
  25. Twelve Olympians from Greek Mythology