Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Poe Port and Potter

Glorious is the season that begins for me, with a lovely excuse to buy some monster cereal, read some favourite stories and dark poems, feel abundant in smooth dark chocolate and drink hot cider and warm port (Oops, nothing's actually new here!)

I hate to admit it but when I saw a poster of the newest Harry Potter movie, I was all excited at the thought of donning my witchy wardrobe to attend. I'm perfectly well aware this is lame and I had even toyed with the notion, of not going at all and waiting until its double feature time....we shall see....

The "Switch Witch" is the perfect example of none knowing where this started- or where indeed it will end, but nevertheless we have been doing this for quite a few years and it's still working on Donovan boy age 11 and Little Gandalf age 8! I hope they laugh with me about it later on......

These are our Switch Witch house rules:
  1. You must leave out your candy to receive a decent switch, i.e a small toy, book etc. a few pieces don't really do the trick with her hagness. ( see #2)
  2. You may keep only as many pieces as you are old if you really must have more candy.
  3. Please leave all candy in a cauldron or other suitable receptacle ( bag will do) to be easily swiped whilst riding a broomstick.
  4. You may not ask for something in particular for your switch, you never know what you will get, but hopefully it's something interesting and not a pair of old socks!
Have fun!!
good news! My witchy cat arrived today....
she does follow at my heels, but is a little sleepy most of the time!

Traditionally I like to hunker down and read different stuff at certain times of the year (like Sherlock Holmes in December!)... poetry is an all encompassing medium for conveying just the right insight or capture a mood. Here are some to get you started...

I'd start with some serious Edgar Allen Poe if you really want to jump in the deep end!

Last but not least..Lady Autumn comes wafting in on the blustery winds. A far more gentle creature who comes to the young at heart to remind them of a special shared secret and maybe a special hand made gift to remember her in the deep winter, the Gnomie Homies are back once again thanks to a great pattern by Carle for her acorn gnomes. I wonder when she will wander through our park to visit the wee ones at Seeds of Joy?

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Yes it's true I've been wearing pink recently and even a shade or two of pastels... Not really sure what's come over me but apparently I've matured enough to don the fairer colours of the hues, after a lifetime of strong vivid's and bold prints - what's that all about eh?

It's breast cancer awareness month and you don't have to look very far into our circle of friends, family or community to find those who have battled.