Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lady Spring

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"

Lady Spring has come indeed and the new moon tomorrow marks a planting time that will feed you into Summer!
Whew! I just spent FOREVER re-typing, finding and resetting passwords, trying to rack the old gray cells for something of a clue to get into blogger through Gmail. Finally here again!

Ah Springtime - maybe I'll feel like I've caught up enough one day, to fully enjoy it! It's been a busy time with the usual springy mood imbued, spiralling up and out and all about!
The obvious peeking blooms from new pale green leaves, chattering squirrels and tell tell signs of deep Spring give way for me to seek the undertones of the colour, sounds and smells that I remember from year to year.

With every turn I hear children full to bursting of giggles, I spot silly faces and riddles aplenty, ducks are dunking each other and becoming increasingly talkative and friendly, the blue heron family nests-in, with the now noisy babies and are finding the Great Green pond a great place to dine on the cheap! Apparently turtle soup is dish of the day :-(
Somethings afoot in the forest, menacing and hungry. Menu items for this lurker include skunk, a mouse, two red-eared sliders, and today a large bird. Feels like that book where the caterpillar eats through an abundance of stuff before curling up for a snooze?
UPDATE!!! We found out today that it is red tailed hawk, feeding it's family, so hard to be sad for the critters!

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