Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh Really?

... is this the first post for October? I don't know about you but I've been uber busy with teaching, training and generally pretending I don't get sick even when my kids do!

A dragon was discovered lurking around the kitchen table and he finally took off for fairer pastures! Now I'm really behind on my cross stitch homework and flute practice!

The Taos Wool Festival was as always a joy to behold with the splendour of Autumn colours, the seasonally slower river chasing the yellowing cottonwood trees and n'er a nip in the clean mountain air either! Filled with armloads of buffalo and alpaca batt, curly roving and a huge amount of coffee, I was honoured to teach my first out-of-state felting workshop with some lovely ladies from far and near. They allowed me to push their noggins and talent to sculpt gorgeous Goddess dolls! Final doll pics to come very soon, right ladies?

Some fabulous new work by Heart of Felt artists
-I'll feature them here soon!

Couple of odd things to share about our weekend in Taos,'s not often you find a goat tied up in the town square Saturday night, but a very friendly little bleater he was too. The day we left was a bit of a rush to the airport in Albuquerque, so when the engine refused to start we managed to look lame enough to solicit help from a couple of friendly local law enforcement officers, who were more than mildly amused by our rotten battery connection! One can of Coca-cola later and we were off...I'm pretty sure no eluding to the obvious facts are needed here, right?

Lady Autumn is preparing for her annual visit to the Ocean Charter kindergarten, she will of course be armed with secrets to whisper and an army of acorn gnomies.

The beautiful Harvest Moon shone clear, Sukkoth is still in full swing, and although we are fighting some whacky fever thing, we are thankful to stay connected to nature, family and

"No two gardens are the same, no two days are the same in one garden"
Hugh Johnson