Friday, March 22, 2013

Egging on Spring

Spring has truly sprung around here, the outside window tree is filling in with fresh green leaves; the chattering squirrels are chasing and fighting over mates, the hummingbird nests are brimming with tiny eggs whilst  Pesach and Easter are upon us all of a sudden!!

As a family who love to celebrate everything, we are excited about spending some Spring break time doing a small home camp with egg related activities galore!

From wood worked painted eggs and swords to home made bath balls and easter bread, we hope our egg-stravanganza of spring will be felt by all who attend!

Felted 3d scene Spring 2009

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Past or Present?

Now that my body has struggled out of the ashes of boring sickness, ( you too eh?) I am now starting to feel that Spring is on it's way and mustering what energies I have budding, I had hoped by now that my artistic muses were back in full reflective force...but what the hey? I am having a hard time getting my brain around the deluge of fear based images, false fame via various routes of electronic media and balancing the rising costs of basic living. Sure I know, I'm getting older, this is not my time, cliche cliche etc etc. but, I am a mother, I teach children and it's part of my job to know the world. This time is mine too and I am not one to rest in the past too much or think it better in some way;  things change, look forward to what is new, innovative and useful. There is certainly plenty that's yet to be discovered.

Increasingly drawn to deeper more meaningful experiences, or a wish to leave behind all that does not generally benefit the good (this is for sure my age talking). Sure we all need to make money, but do we need to really share all our mundane moments online? Yet here I am doing just that, blogging, without anything truly to say, but who reads it anyway? Is this more like a diary that gets discovered by someone and reads it anyhow? Is this the moment of secret sharing that goads the guilt experience?

Little Gandalf (sings) and Donovan Boy (guitar) at Rockband 2012
Back to shallow sharing.....Donovan Boy will not stop....the 13 year old deep voice echos the once full sentence, now reduced to the one teenage word answer - ok or good; eating tons; reading in a locked room, but still sweet and happy, goodness knows how it all ends! Little Gandalf sings all day, feelstylin' he calls it, sometimes inspired, but mostly just finding a way to get the last word on everything! We continue to break many rules where we live, those we feel are useless and arbitary, more than one animal, larger tank than allowed ( for turtles) and more guests than allowed at the pool are some regular ones...oh yes there are many more!!

I am wanting to make some new felted art for a show in June, a school art show and possibility for a donation to a silent auction. The last one is hard for me, as I have had many pieces donated and sold for far less than I'm comfortable with, which devalues the work in the long run. Must write more on book......make things for book. List that never changes....maybe one day.

Winter mini scape 2013

wishing you a blessed day. Happy Birthday Mum, RIP